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Our fabrics

Each Dalfilo sheet is made with 100% cotton fibers, but it is the weave of the threads and the construction that makes it unique. The number expressed in TC, from the English "Thread Count", refers to the number of threads in the fabric. Discover the right fabric for you.

Our Percale

Our percale fabric with 210 threads per 2.5 cm². It consists of a dense fabric that guarantees durable, high-quality sheets that are soft wash after wash. Imagine spending a night in a hotel from your home. Our percale fabric envelops your skin in soft pampering. The only difference is that breakfast in the room is not included.

210 TC
Premium quality
OEKO-TEX® certified

Discover our Percale products here

Our Satin

Our satin has a density of 300 threads per 2.5 cm². Its density and special weave give this luxurious fabric its characteristic shine and perfect finish. The enveloping comfort of our satin is matched by its absolute elegance, transforming your bedroom into an immaculate decoration.

300 TC
Luxury Quality
OEKO-TEX® certified

Discover our satin products here

Our Classic Line

Dalfilo's classic line is characterized by a pure cotton terry cloth of 500 g/m2 for towels and 470 g/m2 for bathrobes, produced using a weft and two warps worked at different tensions and coupled to soft twist yarns. This process gives the fabric greater absorbency and unmistakable softness, easy drying and not too bulky. The Classic Line is the essential line in our homes.

500 gr/m2
Ultra soft
Spa Quality

Our Honeycomb Line

The Honeycomb Line is characterized by a 380 g/m2 pure cotton terry fabric specially processed to achieve a beehive look. This three-dimensional checkered structure guarantees maximum absorbency with minimum weight/encumbrance without sacrificing comfort and softness. Honeycomb is the perfect line to accompany you everywhere.

380 gr/m2
Excellent absorbency
Lightness and practicality

Discover the Bathroom Line

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