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What is the difference between percale and satin?

If you're looking for an elegant sleeping solution, satin and percale are the ideal fabrics. Both fabrics are made of cotton fiber, but their construction makes them unique and different.
Percale is a high-quality fabric obtained through a dense structure of fine cotton threads. It is a soft, breathable and beautiful fabric.
Satin is the result of a special weave and transforms your bedroom into an immaculate decoration. With our satin, high comfort meets absolute elegance.

Do you offer custom products?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer this service. We hope that the proposed sizes and colors meet your needs.

Why are the sheets a few centimeters longer than what is indicated on the website?

Our fabrics shrink a few centimeters during the first wash. Therefore, we cut fabrics larger than indicated on the website. After the first wash, the covers should be the correct size.

What mattress height are the sheets for?

Our fitted sheet is perfect for mattresses with a height of 20 to 30 cm.

Purchasing process:

Where can I apply the discount code?

You can enter the discount code during checkout. It is not necessary to distinguish between upper and lower case.

Can I use multiple discount codes at the same time?

No, you can only use one discount code per order.

What are the payment methods available?

With us you can pay with the following payment methods:

  • Google Pay
  • ShopifyPay
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • Credit cards


How long does shipping take?

We ship your order from our warehouse in Bergamo, Italy. As it is an international shipment, it usually takes between 2 and 5 business days.

Why does shipping embroidered products take longer?

The embroidery is handmade by our team of artisans. In case of high demand, shipping may be slightly delayed as we want to ensure good quality above all.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is processed by our warehouse, you will receive a GLS tracking number to track the shipment of your order.

How can I change the delivery date of my order?

If you will not be present at the estimated delivery time specified by the mail, you can easily change the delivery time through the email that you have received directly in your inbox.
Otherwise, please contact our Dalfilo customer service at

Manage my Order:

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by sending an email to . Please note that our customer service is not available on weekends and cancellation requests submitted over the weekend will not be responded to until Monday.

How can I modify my order?

You can cancel your order by sending an email to . Please note that our customer service is not available on weekends and cancellation requests submitted during the weekend will not be responded to until Monday.

How can I return my order?

If you wish to return your order or part of it, send an email to with your order number, the items you wish to return and the reason for the return.
Below you will receive the procedure to follow to make your return.
You can prepare the items to be returned using the original packaging. If you do not have this, you can return the items using alternative packaging. We ask you to check that it is well packaged to avoid loss of the products.

Can I make a change to the items in my order?

If you wish to exchange one or more items in your order, please contact our customer service by email or phone and tell us which items you wish to exchange and which ones you wish to receive in exchange.

My order is incomplete

In case your order is not complete, please contact our customer service at , who will help you with your request.

An item in my order is defective

We advise you to check the status of the ordered products within 14 days after delivery of the package.
If one of the products is defective, please send us a photo of the defective item so that we can identify the problem and find a solution together with you.



Our sustainable approach is reflected in the conscious decision to carry out the production of our entire product range almost exclusively in the Italian region of Bergamo. This allows us to have short transport distances between the different production phases and our warehouse, which guarantees environmentally friendly production. By reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution, we actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

We are proud that our goods make the majority of their journey by land, from our warehouse in Bergamo to your home. Ground transportation not only offers an environmentally friendly solution, but also allows for careful and reliable delivery directly to your door.

By working closely with our local producers, we can not only guarantee the quality of our products, but also assume our social responsibility. We are committed to fair working conditions and compensation to have a positive impact on the community and people of the Bergamo region.

Our commitment to sustainability, trusted partnerships and high-quality products are reflected in every step of our value chain. We firmly believe that our collective actions contribute positively to preserving the environment, while promoting your satisfaction as a valued customer. Thank you for being part of this journey towards a sustainable future.


Our company attaches top priority to the quality of our products. That's why we make sure that all the fabrics we use carry the prestigious OEKO-TEX certification. This award is synonymous with an environmentally friendly material that not only meets our high quality standards, but is also safe for the skin.
Thanks to our commitment to quality and innovation, our products were chosen Product of the Year in Italy in 2021. For us, this award is a confirmation of our efforts and, at the same time, an encouragement to continue offering first-class products that delight our customers.
We firmly believe that excellent quality is the result of careful planning, high-quality materials and dedicated craftsmanship. By always paying attention to environmental sustainability and striving to obtain the best certifications, we not only aim to create great products, but also make a positive contribution to society and our customers. Your satisfaction is our motivation to continue developing top quality products and building a reputation as a trustworthy company.

Product and producer conditions

Our top priority is to develop long-lasting, trusted partnerships with our producers. Therefore, we attach great importance to close exchange and plan regular face-to-face visits to obtain a personal impression of the working conditions. This close collaboration allows us to jointly coordinate materials, ingredients and patterns to achieve optimal results.

It is especially important to us that production takes place in Bergamo, as short delivery routes and reliable supply chains are very important to us. This decision allows us to respond quickly to customer needs and ensure sustainable and efficient production.

Our ambition is to build a long-term partnership and work with our producers to develop high quality products that meet our customers' expectations. We firmly believe that only through open and trusting communication can a successful and sustainable business relationship be established.

If you have questions, contact us via email or phone number +34 900 861 551 .

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